Initializing the headset
  • 23 Sep 2021
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Initializing the headset

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Whenever the headset is turned on, it must be initialized before use. The Initialize command performs a series of procedures designed to ensure that all modules are synchronized and receiving adequate signal.

To initialize the headset:

  1. Seat the headset on the provided Headset Stand.
    Image: lightbulb icon.
    Be sure to loosen the Tension Dial before placing it on the stand, and then tighten it to secure the headset to the stand. For more on using the Tension Dial, see Handling the headset.
  2. In the Kernel Flow Desktop Application, at the top of the main window, click the Initialize button.

    The Initialization dialog appears.

    Image: Initialize dialog box.

  3. Verify that the headset is seated and tightened on the stand and click Initialize.

    A progress bar appears while the initialization operation occurs.

  4. When Initialization is complete, click Close to exit the Initialization window.
Image: alert icon.
Initialization must be performed every time the headset is powered on.
Kernel Flow's lasers benefit from a warm up period prior to recording a study. Often the process of tuning and prepping a participant (while lasers are enabled) provides sufficient warm-up time, but you may consider enabling the lasers for 5-10 minutes while the headset is sitting on the Headset Stand after Initialization. Just be sure to click  Disable Lasers prior to removing the headset from the stand.