Datasets overview
  • 23 Sep 2021
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Datasets overview

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All data associated with your Kernel products are stored and managed in your Kernel Cloud account. This includes raw data from your Kernel device, and surveys managed through Kernel Cloud. 

Image: Alert icon.
Data can only be accessed by authorized researchers, and only after the participant for the dataset has provided consent through the Kernel App. To learn more, see Inviting participants to a study.

You can download both metadata about your datasets, as well as the recorded data to be viewed or analyzed using third party tools such as Homer 3. Kernel also provides an API for authenticating and accessing your datasets directly from MATLAB or Python.

Whenever data are uploaded to Kernel Cloud, they are automatically processed and converted into a form suitable for analysis or visualization. You can track the progress of that conversion in the Timeline tab for each dataset. 

Image: Timeline tab of dataset page in Researcher portal.

In the Info tab, you can also see the status of each data stream and modify certain metadata. To learn more see Viewing datasets and Dataset metadata

Image: Info tab of dataset page in researcher portal.

The Pipelines tab provides access to prescribed processing tools available based on the selected dataset.  For example, Flow headset data can be converted into a NIfTI image using the Reconstruction conversion pipeline. To learn more, see Downloading datasets.

Image: Pipelines tab of dataset page in Researcher Portal.

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