Kernel Flow2 full specifications
  • 08 Aug 2023
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Kernel Flow2 full specifications

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Article summary

fNIRS Type

Time Domain

Optode Style


Number of Sources


Number of Time-Resolved Detectors


Number of Channels (Source-Detector Pairs)

> 3500

Channel Length (Source-Detector Separation)

10mm to 60mm

Source Types

Dual wavelength (690nm/905nm) Laser diodes

Laser Classification

Class 1 (FLPPS 21CFR1040.10)

Detector Type

Custom Silicon Detector

Dynamic Range

> 100dB

Number of Dry Active EEG Electrodes

4 + Reference & Bias

EEG Sampling Rate

1 kHz


Fits heads of 52cm - 62cm Circumference and 32cm - 37cm Bitragion Coronal Arc

Power Supply 

USB-PD (Delivered over USB-C)

Power Consumption

50W Max

Data Transfer

USB 2.0

Data Storage

Data streamed to acquisition PC at rate of ~60GB/hour of recording

Output File Formats


Output Metrics

Oxy/Deoxy/Total Hb per Channel

Total counts, 1st and 2nd Moments per Channel

Absolute Bulk Tissue Oxygenation per Channel (Coming Soon)


Up to 10’ USB-C (provided)


2.5 kg