Kernel Privacy Policy FAQ
  • 27 Oct 2021
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Kernel Privacy Policy FAQ

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Article summary

Thank you for visiting our Privacy Policy FAQ page. Here at Kernel, we have a lot on our minds, but how best to protect the information about the people who use our technology and the brain data we collect is at the forefront.

Since you’re here, it may mean you’re also thinking about your personal information. And that’s great, because you should want to protect it and understand what happens to your personal information when you decide to share it. Our Privacy Policy was developed to inform you about what data we collect, how we use it, and what your rights are.

Because our products are focused on the core of being human, the brain, we consider any information and data we collect to be important. So, it’s essential you trust us, and that we continue to earn your trust.

Quick disclaimer: This FAQ provides a summary of the concepts in our Services Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) that can be found on our website. It does not replace our Privacy Policy. You should read the Privacy Policy in full before using our services, and if you do not agree with its terms, you should not use our services. If anything in this FAQ is inconsistent with our Privacy Policy, the Privacy Policy will control our use of your data and should govern your expectations. 

So, let’s get started.

How does the Privacy Policy apply to you?

Our Privacy Policy applies to anyone who uses our services. It applies to the information that we collect and process about users of our neurotechnology products (including successor products), our related mobile apps, our platform or cloud, and our research or user portal websites. Our website has a separate privacy policy.

What are examples of personal information that Kernel collects?

When you create a Kernel account, we collect your email address, and when you wear a Kernel Product, we collect data about your brain. This information and data are uploaded to the Kernel Cloud and may include information relating to brain activity, the activities you are engaged in, and your response to stimuli.

How does Kernel use this information?

Some of the ways that we use your information are to provide the services you want, to improve Kernel Products or Services, to authenticate your identity (make sure you are you), and to conduct the research you agree to participate in.

We may also aggregate data. This means we may combine your data with data from others. If we do so, we will remove the information that can link your specific data to you (i.e., we de-identify the data). Aggregated data helps us understand trends about how our services and products are being used and allows us to improve our products and services while protecting your identity and privacy.


We do not sell your information, including your brain data, or use it for targeted advertising.

Does Kernel share your information and data?

We may share your data under limited conditions, such as with researchers conducting studies that you choose to participate in or with third parties who you’ve given permission to access your data.


Sometimes we will share certain personal data with our service providers. We take steps to select service providers that implement appropriate security standards to your personal information, as we do. If Kernel were to be acquired (purchased), we may also need to transfer your personal information to the new company or share some of it before the deal is closed. Our goal is to never surprise you by whom has access to your data.

How long will Kernel keep your personal information?

We will keep your personal information for as long as you have a Kernel account. You can ask us to delete your personal information by contacting us at or through the Kernel App. If you are participating in a research study using our products, you will need to contact the researcher about deleting any identifiable data they may have.


How secure is Kernel’s data storage?

We take data security very seriously and appreciate your trust in Kernel. We have taken steps to ensure our security measures follow industry best practices, for example, by using data encryption, an isolated network, and strict authentication requirements. Kernel routinely monitors, tests, and upgrades its data platform.


What are your rights and choices regarding your data?

You can sign into your account or contact us to ask us to update, correct, or delete your personal information. For your security, we will verify these requests, and then we will respond (such as by deleting your personal data). Please note that if you ask us to delete or de-identify your data, we may not be able to offer you our full range of services.

What about cookies?

We and the service providers we work with use web server logs, cookies, tags, tracking pixels, and other similar tracking technologies on our Apps or Sites. These tracking technologies collect data about you to enable us to analyze and improve our services and provide a more user-friendly experience. There are several ways you can manage what tracking technologies are set on your computer or mobile devices, depending on the browser or operating system you choose. While we respect your right to disable these mechanisms, if you do disable these, we may not be able to provide you with the same experience.

Will this Privacy Policy change? 

We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time to match changes in our services and business. We will post an updated version at and provide any other type of notice required by law. If you continue to use our services or provide us with personal information after our Privacy Policy has been updated, then you agree to the revised Privacy Policy.

 What if you have more questions?

At Kernel, we know the work we do matters. We know how we do it matters too. Please feel free to contact us at: with feedback and questions about our Privacy Policy.