Recording offline
  • 23 Sep 2021
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Recording offline

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Article Summary

Kernel Flow may be operated with or without an Internet connection, allowing you to record in nearly any location (assuming you have electrical supply to power the headset and PC). Recording without being logged into Kernel Cloud is called "offline" recording.

Record time limits

Ordinarily, while you record, data are only stored temporarily on your local PC before being uploaded to Kernel Cloud. When recording offline, recording duration is limited by the amount of local disk space.

Available recording time is displayed in the Status Bar at the lower-right corner of the Kernel Flow Desktop Application.Image: Status bar showing available recording time.

Once you reconnect the PC to an Internet connection, any recorded Flow data are automatically uploaded to your Kernel Cloud account and the cache on the local machine is cleared.

Metadata limits

Before attempting to make an offline recording, you must first log into Kernel Cloud from the Kernel Flow Desktop Application. This populates the Kernel Flow Desktop Application with necessary metadata from the organization associated with your Kernel Cloud account, such as studies, participant IDs and Task names

Until you re-sync the Desktop Application with Kernel Cloud (by logging in over an Internet connection), you can only record sessions in the studies, and with Participant IDs that are stored locally. 

Image: Offline recording dialog.In all other respects, offline recording is identical to regular recording