Storing your Flow system
  • 23 Sep 2021
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Storing your Flow system

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Article Summary

Storing the Headset

Your Kernel Flow system was shipped to you in a carefully designed and thoroughly cushioned hard case (the Kernel Flow Storage Case). The headset itself sits on a precision-molded stand sized to precisely fit the Flow headset snugly but without strain. This stand is also used for the initialization process.

Image: headset stand.

For shipping, the headset is secured to the Headset Stand with a large red restraining bolt, and the entire headset package (including the stand) is wrapped in an electrostatic discharge (ESD) bag, Finally, a foam insert holds the headset firmly in place within the Flow hard case. 

Image: Lightbulb icon.
The protective foam insert can be used as a support when the device must be placed upside down to install or remove sizing bars, EEG electrodes, for cleaning, and so on.
Image: Kernel Flow headset inverted and seated on protective foam insert.

For daily storage, you don't need to use these protective materials (restraining bolt, ESD bag and foam insert), but save those items in case you need to transport the unit in the future. (For packing and shipping instructions see Shipping instructions.)

  • Always store your Flow headset on the supplied Headset Stand.
  • When stored for extended periods, always store the device, on the stand, inside the Kernel Flow Storage Case.
  • Never store the headset with cables attached.
  • Remove Sizing Bars from headset when storing the device for long periods.
  • Never close the case before checking that the headset is properly stowed on the Headset Stand in its designated cavity, with the top foam piece in place.

Storing Modules

When active modules are removed from the headset, they are vulnerable to damage if not properly stored. Upon removal from the headset, immediately stow individual modules in one of the Module Storage Boxes provided with your system.

  • Always store modules with the light pipes facing downwards.
  • Protect the light pipes from contact with hard or abrasive surfaces.