Creating and managing studies
  • 22 Sep 2021
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Creating and managing studies

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Article Summary

A Study is the basic framework in which data from Kernel devices are organized and stored. Organizations can create an unlimited number of studies, and individual researchers and devices can be associated with specific studies.

To create a study (owner only):

  • On the Organization Home page in the Kernel Cloud Researcher Portal, type the name of the study into the Add Study field and click the Add Study icon.

The study is added to the Studies List.

Image: Studies tab of the organization page. Callout to Add Study button.

To rename a study (owner/admin only):

  1. On the Organization Home page, click the name of the study you want to modify from the Studies List.

The Study page opens.Image: Study page in the Researcher Portal. Callout to Edit Study button.

  1. Click the Edit icon to the right of the study’s name.

The study name changes to a text input field.

  1. Type a new study name and press Enter.

Changing a study’s name updates the name in the pop-up menu in the Data Acquisition window on the Kernel Flow Desktop Application on the Kernel Flow PC.

If necessary, click the Refresh button in the Data Acquisition area of the Kernel Flow Desktop Application to see changes made in the Researcher Portal.

To add researchers to a study (owner/admin only):

  1. From the Study page, click Settings.Settings tab of Study page. Callout to Add Researcher button.
  2. In the Settings tab, click the Add Researcher icon.

A pop-up window appears showing a list of researchers.

Image: Add Member pop-up window.

Select the names of the researchers you want to add to the study and click OK.

The Researcher(s) are added to the study.

To remove a researcher from a study (admin only):

  1. From the Study page, click Settings.
  2. In the Researchers List, click the trash icon to the right of the researcher you wish to remove.

The Researcher is removed from that study.

See also:

Participant IDs: Within a study, each session of data from a Kernel device must be associated with a unique Participant ID. Participant ID’s need to be linked to an actual study participant, who must grant permission in order for their data to be viewed and analyzed.

Managing data streams: A study must also have at least one data stream (Flow device, Survey, etc.) associated with it. If your organization only has one Flow headset, it is automatically assigned to each study when the study is created. If you have more than one device, an Administrator must select which device(s) are to be used with which studies. 

Working with surveys: Studies can also optionally incorporate surveys, to acquire supplemental data from study participants.

Closing studies